Writing a Grade Appeal Letter

petition writingA lot of college students have at any time during his studying years suffer from a bad grade period, whether it is for not having the proper opportunities to travel, having familiar or health problems, not having enough time to study due to work or any other secondary activities. In any of these cases, you will need to send a petition writing to the university administration, in order to help you fix those bad grades.

For this, you will need to write a grade appeal letter. A type of financial aid appeal letter for bad grades that will help you keep going with your studies in case your performance revision goes well enough to give such an opportunity. But as you see, it is not totally assured that you can receive such an opportunity, especially if you don’t know how to write a grade appeal letter correctly.

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We offer the best service of grade appeal letter writing that will help you get that performance revision you need to keep going with your studies as normally, getting a financial aid or just giving you a further opportunity in the program of your choosing. Observe also how we can help you to write a letter of appeal for financial aid.

Grade Appeal Letter for Writing Test Sample

First Paragraph – State your reasons and purpose of the letter:

Dear University Committee:

My purpose for writing this appeal letter is to announce my discomfort and disappointment for my last semester’s grades. These last months have been difficult for me due to many financial, familiar and personal trouble I’ve been through, making it harder for me to have a normal academic life. So I write this letter with the main purpose of getting a further opportunity to receive a performance revision, so I can eventually keep studying without any problem.

Second Paragraph – State facts and provide backup for your statement

As you see on my GPA and documentation of the last tests, my performance has been improving exponentially. These last months I decided to give my best even though my financial situation is still on hold, and my opportunities to keep studying are getting more and more shorten with time. My idea is to keep working hard and give my best in the near future. However, it would be awesome if I could have my past bad grades fixed and receive a financial aid so I can keep going with my studies further.

Third Paragraph – State why you deserve the opportunity and be compelling:

I know how hard it is to give a student such an opportunity, but I think that I deserve it for being a proficient and very interested student in the past few months after my problems arise and now that my situation has improved for the best. If you give me such an opportunity, I will make sure that I will give my best in the future, that the college will be eventually glad of giving me the opportunity to have a performance revision of my last bad grades and improve them in order to change my history as a student.
Hope you can feel my impotence and disappointment! Hope you can give me this opportunity!Sincerely,
My Name Is Good Grades

Who Writes Your Grade Appeal Letter?

university administrationAs you see in the previous grade appeal letter for writing test sample, it is written in a professional, effective and proficient way in order to achieve whatever you want to achieve with the letter without any problem. However, you need to know how to write a grade appeal letter first in order to do it effectively.

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