Writing an Appeal Letter for College

petition writingThere is an immense importance on writing an appeal letter for college, whether it is a rejection letter response as a way to ask for an applicant reconsideration, an improvement and review of the grades of a certain semester or study period, or even just to evaluate a certain situation from the eyes of the student in order to give a different view. An appeal can have many different purposes but has to always be written professionally and with efficiency.

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appeal letter for college sample
We also offer different other advantages, like a sample appeal letter for college admission for you to review and take into account the most important details of a college appeal letter for readmission. Also, we help to create the best appeal letter format for college, so the applicant can make sure to follow the right order when writing the appeal letter, exerting professionalism and efficiency.

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Sample Appeal Letter for College Admission

First paragraph – Brief introduction of the problem and the solution:

Dear Admission Committee,
As I received the rejection letter from your that specific program I applied to, my disappointment was immense. Not only because I thought my profile met with your college requirements completely, but because my SAT scores, GPA and other grades were exactly, or even better than the minimum required. But I think it was a problem of misconception. So I request for reconsideration of my application, as I think you may not have reviewed correctly.

Second Paragraph – State your reasons, drive and desires:

As a proficient and talented student, I ask for a reconsideration of my profile and application. However, it does not mean that I expect of you reconsideration without a proper excuse of explanation of what happened. Your rejection letter explained that I was rejected, but did not offer me a proper explanation of the reason for my rejection, so I decided to write this letter as a way to expect a proper response from you. Remember that my purpose is to make sure that my application is reviewed properly, taking into account my history as a proficient student.

Third Paragraph – Explain your thoughts and possible outcomes:

I know that you may not even take into account my appeal letter. You may just ignore it and keep going with your work. But if you by chance bump into my letter, it would be awesome that you act accordingly, sending me a letter of response and reconsidering my former application. This way I will be more than satisfied. However, it all falls on your decision, but for me would be wonderful to receive a response according to my desires and needs.

Final Paragraph – State purpose again and call to action:

But as said before, it all depends on your desires and rules. Even though it would be great to receive the opportunity and make sure I study in such a wonderful program, I know the opportunity may as well be forever close for me now. However, a reconsideration and letter of response would be immensely appreciated. My only purpose is to make sure that my application is reviewed and that my request is taken into account. Just read my letter, act accordingly and let me know about your final decision.Sincerely,
Me and Myself

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