Writing an Appeal Letter for Insurance Claim

medical help requestThere are times where a patient of a surgical or hospitalization procedure does not receive the proper help of their health insurance company. Whether the insurance company decides to ignore the medical help request or just send a denial letter due to unknown reasons, this can mean a lot of danger for the patient, as not getting the insurance help may mean not getting the proper treatment.

However, an appeal letter for insurance claim is always a good option for any of these cases. When an insurance company sends a denial letter for a specific treatment, procedure or hospitalization, the patient or client of the company is totally enabled to send a request letter for appeal of insurance claim denial, in search of receiving the proper financial aid from the company or service provider.

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appeal letter for insurance claim sample

Sample of Appeal Letter for Insurance Claim

First Paragraph – State the purpose of the letter and its reasons:

Dear Insurance Company,This letter of appeal is sent to you in order to appeal for the case of one of your clients who’s in bad health condition and needs your help. We know that the previous petition for help was denied, as your coverage denial to support your client’s condition was already sent. However, your reasons for denying such an important coverage for such an important procedure on this patient are not completely understandable and not sufficient. So, we need you to reconsider your decision on this client’s service.

Second Paragraph – State the specific condition of the patient and why it is important to receive such coverage:

As you already know, your client is suffering from a very dangerous and difficult disease in treatment and care, but what’s even harder is the necessary procedure to help the patient get cured and eventually come to his normal state. Now, you can see that this disease will not be cured with a normal operation, so it is important that he receives your coverage in order to be able to afford such a costly procedure that is of extremely importance according to the patient’s current state.

Third Paragraph – Reinstate the reason of the letter and make a call to action:

Now, based on the patient’s state and the necessity for your coverage, we insist that you reconsider the denial of the coverage for this patient, as it is of extremely importance to keep on with the procedure and treatment as soon as possible. The patient’s state is delicate, and the more time it is given, the lesser the opportunities to cure his disease. However, with a fast and efficient response, this patient will be well in a short matter of time.
Hope you reconsider about your client’s health insurance and send the coverage.Sincerely,
Name of the Patient, Family Member or Doctor of the Hospital

Who Writes the Appeal Letter for Insurance Claim?

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