Writing an Appeal Letter for Donation

petition writingWhen we start a fundraising, we know that it will be hard to make other people donate for our cause, whatever it is we start the fundraising request for. However, using an appeal letter for donation can be a very effective way of making anyone comply with our financial request, receiving the proper donation without having to oblige anyone.

As a petition writing, a donation appeal letter for non-profits can be very effective, but nothing better than having the proper individual appeal better donation subject, whether it is nonprofit or not, as with the correct word combinations and the proper reason, an appeal letter can achieve whatever it was made to achieve by just having a compelling style.

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donation appeal letter sample

Appeal Letter for Donation Sample

First Paragraph – State what you need the donation for and your reasons to ask that individual person:

Dear Future Donator,

As you know, my name is _________ and my purpose for this letter is to ask you for a little favor, a generous and very act of kindness from your part so we can give support to a certain cause that is causing a lot of damage. This way, you will be helping those in need, by just giving a little of your money to our non-profit, your help and interest in the cause will never be forgotten. Remember that our purpose is to serve for free, but we still need the help of those who can give, as our work demands a lot of expenses, even though we are offering our hands without a price.

Second Paragraph – Explain more about the situation of the nonprofit and the reason for needing the donation:

Our organization has always helped everyone in need, since the beginning of our actions we have always given the best of our efforts to maintain our services always to the best production and efficiency possible. However, we are now suffering from different setbacks, and we need the urgent aid of those who can give a little of their wealth for a noble and very honest cause. Our expenses are going to the roof, and if we don’t get the needing help, we will eventually have to close our organization, and that’s something that will leave a lot of people with a proper helping hand. So we need your help to keep going with our work and eventually keep helping everyone in need.

Third Paragraph – Appreciate in advance for the help and give an idea on how the donation will help:

Whatever you can give us, being money, materials, supplies or products, we are going to completely appreciate it. We offer our thankfulness in advance, as we know you are a very solitary member of our community and part of this wonderful organization. With your donation we will be able to keep going with our work, helping those in need and maintaining our service with the best quality possible.
Hope you can consider this donation petition.Sincerely,
Organization and Solidarity

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