Application Letter or Appeal Letter for University

appeal letterIf you’ve never written an appeal letter before, you may feel a little bit lost. An appeal letter is a letter written to get someone to rethink a certain decision. For instance, if you lost funding but feel like you should get it back, or if you were expelled but think the decision was a mistake, an appeal letter is sort of a request for a “retrial.” You should present the circumstances of the situation clearly and make it obvious that you’re worthy of a second look. Appeal letters should always be objectively written, never emotional, and they should always clearly explain their point.

Write Academic Appeal Letter

When writing an appeal letter, you should follow the structure. This should go something like:

  • Business letter format, following all the typical conventions
  • Introduction, explaining your position and the purpose of your letter
  • Explanation of the circumstances which lead to the decision you’re appealing
  • The reason you feel that you’re worthy of a second chance
  • A final letter summarizing your position, including the deadline you need the letter to
  • A thank you and a signoff

If you’re getting ready to write an appeal letter, here are our tips on getting the best one, straight from our experts.

  • Don’t write in anger: The key to a good appeal letter is a gracious tone that shows you understand why the original decision was made. Even if you don’t, pretend for the sake of getting on the good side of whoever you’re writing to. It’ll pay off.
  • Find out the person: You need to figure out who you’re writing to so you can address it properly. “To whom it may concern” is impersonal and much to be avoided. Putting in the little bit of extra effort is a great idea, and allows you to make a good first impression.
  • Start with an outline: an organization is a key to a good letter. An outline helps you stay on track and be sure you’re headed in the right direction. It might feel like a little bit of extra effort, but it’ll more than pay off once you’re not faced with a blank page.
  • Provide the circumstances: Explain the reasons why you didn’t get the thing you were hoping for. Try to do this in an objective way, without letting your personal feelings creep in. Just state the circumstances.
  • Explain why you deserve a chance: Now, it’s time to make your case. Again, do this clearly and objectively. Sounding logical is good – sounding whiny is not! You want to show that you’re a mature person, and you’re writing an appeal letter not because you’re a sore loser, but because you truly believe a mistake was made.
  • State your deadline: Explain your deadline and why – that way it feels less like you’re rushing them. For instance, “The decision is due March 1, so please let me know by February 25.”
  • Thank graciously: Finish up your letter with a truly sincere word of thanks to the person you’re writing to.

Help Writing an Appeal Letter or Letter of Claim

writing an appeal letterWriting an appeal letter by yourself is scary, so we have set up a service to help you. We recruit writers and train them in writing the best letters possible to maximize your chances of getting your appeal. Whether it’s academic, legal, or financial, our appeal letters have a high success rate thanks to our excellent formula. We know appeals inside and out, and we make sure to do research on each assignment to ensure we’ve got just the right format. Our services include both writing and revision. We’ll create your letter, or if you’ve already got one, optimize it for your request.

Letter of Appeal for College

letter of appeal for collegeIf you select our services for your appeal letter, your project will be taken on by one of our experienced and friendly writers. We choose people with a range of expertise so that you can find someone who best suits your specific request. You can choose your writer or, if you’re not familiar with our services, trust us to pick someone who will know your project inside and out. We always strive for customer satisfaction.

Appeal Letter Assistance Easy

We know that you deserve a second chance. No matter what the circumstances are, everyone deserves another try at convincing the world they are worth it. If you’re working on your appeal letter, let us help you find that second try.

When writing an appeal letter, don’t leave things to chance – talk to us today and find out how to maximize your chances.